Lightly roasted maltiness, a prominent aromatic nose, tropical fruit accents, and a clear, golden complexion make this a refreshingly balanced, dry ale handcrafted with European malt and some of our favourite American and Australian hop varieties. Judiciously dry hopped, this is an ideal session ale for any beer lover.

Wonderful with the subtle flavours of local Cantonese dishes, grilled foods and pasta.

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  1. Lee

    Worth a punt 🙂

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Gambler's Gold Golden Ale

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ABV: 4.6%

IBU: 25

Packaging: 24 x 330ml Bottles

Ingredients: Water, Malts, Hop, Yeast

Characteristics: A refreshing light-bodied dry ale with lightly roasted maltiness, nose of tropical fruit accents and clear golden complexion.

Awards: Champion – 2015 Hong Kong International Beer Awards


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